Happy Island is found in a quiet street on a small green hill overlooking the Old City Rab, more precisely in Banjol, between Padova I and Padova II. Enjoying the coastal walk you arrive at the green market and the city Rab’s historic part in only 10 minutes. All the main cultural sites Rab has to offer are in the close vicinity of Happy Island. At the same time, all the joys of nature are available in our nearest surroundings.


Happy Island is a new Apartment facility which will capture you by its family atmosphere. The contemporary, pleasantly decorated Apartment ranging from 30 to 80 sq. meters for up to 5 persons are at our guests’ service.
The dining/family room for about 30 persons, a terrace with coffee/drink bar, spacious garden, free parking are at our guests’ service as well.
Most of our guests enjoy tanning in our garden where convenient garden accessories as well as a refreshing shower are readily available.


Apartment are equipped with full kitchen with utensils and kitchen appliances such as stove, refrigerator and freezer, as well as big dining table. Bathrooms are equipped with shower tubs.
The balconies offer a magic view of the sea and the charming Old City of Rab with its four bell towers. All suites are equipped with air conditioners except on the first floor where air conditioning is not needed.

TVs are found in every suite as well as in the family room (shared by all) on the ground floor. We also offer free Internet and free storing of your valuables in the safe. A laundry washer is also available to our guests.

Apartment typ II
- (1. floor: No. 1.2; 2. floor No. 2.2)
- up to 3 persons + a child up to 3 years old
- a king-size bed + a twin (single) bed
- a huge balcony (2. floor with view to the sea)
- 40 sq. metter

Apartment typ III
- (1. floor: No. 1.1 + 1.3; 2. floor No. 2.1 + 2.3)
- up to 4 persons + a child up to 3 years old
- a bedroom with a king-size bed
- a living room with kitchen and a sleeping sofa/separate bed
- a huge balcony (2. floor with view to the sea)
- 60 sq. meters

Apartment typ IV
- (3. floor: No. 3.3)
- up to 5 persons + a child up to 3 years old
- 2 bedrooms with king-size beds, additional twin (single) bed in one of the bedrooms
- a living room with kitchen and a sleeping sofa
- a huge terrace and a smaller balcony
- 75 sq. meters


Croatian dishes are famous for their richness of taste and organic natural meals we proudly and with love serve to our guests. Although all suites are equipped with kitchens, and the grocery stores are in the close vicinity, our guests are used to our cooking for them. We pay a special attention to healthy and domestic cooking. Should you decide to eat at our place, the sheaf will be glad to serve you our fish and meat specialties. Or we can serve you a rich breakfast which you can enjoy on your terrace.


In the close vicinity (of approx. 50 meters) you can opt for patio, sand or shingle beaches, or perhaps enjoy secluded tanning on the near-by island which is joined to our gulf with a convenient path.

Apartments Happy Island
Banjol 375, 51280 Rab, Croatia
phone: 00385 98 93 86782 e-mail: info@happy-island-rab.com